The Best CRM for Agencies

The Best CRM for Agencies - Introduction

Whether your agency specializes in Telemarketing, Digital, Recruitment, or even Property choosing the right CRM or Lead management software can be expensive and time-consuming. Agencies have a need that is outside the parameters of conventional CRM systems.

Finepoints is the best CRM for Agencies

Our multi-database architecture makes Finepoints CRM ideal for any agency. Having the ability to build multiple databases with unique fields quickly will give your agency the flexibility it needs to perform operations more efficiently while being able to extend the benefits to your customers.

CRM Software for Telemarketing Agencies

Telemarketing and business development agencies rely on CRM to manage leads for their clients. Conventional CRM systems are constrained in their ability to separate client information without complex lead routing and customization, which can be costly and harm productivity.

To get started, agencies need to create a database and name it after a client (say client 1), apply any custom fields, and import your prospects. Repeat these steps for each of your clients- You could think of it like having multiple CRM systems for your clients all under one roof.

Each Database has its own set of fields, team users, and of course, contacts. Now that you've set up your clients (which will virtually take minutes), all you have to do is start calling. Finepoints CRM lets you trigger appointments directly to your clients (even if they are not users) and also share reports with them. Learn more about the best Telemarketing CRM software to use for cold calling experts and B2B Businesses.

CRM for Digital Marketing Agencies

Create a Database for your leads and contacts as well as leads you capture from squeeze pages. Like in the examples mentioned above, you can extend the benefits of Multiple Databases to your clients to store their inbound leads in and give them exclusive access to a database as if it was their very own CRM.

CRM Software for Recruitment Agencies

Build individual Databases to separate recruitment candidates from employers and easily attach CV's to your candidate profiles.

Any Industry

Finepoints CRM is not customized, especially for a particular industry or agency, and the above are just examples of how agencies currently use the platform. You can easily tailor Finepoints CRM to work the way you want it without any coding skills or training.

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£35/Month per user

Everything you need to manage leads and customers and scale your business.

✓ Unlimited Contacts and Leads

✓ Automatic Lead Distribution

✓ Create & Manage Multiple Databases

✓ Schedule Calls & Appointments

✓ Calendar Sync

✓ Auto-Populate Lead Profiles

✓ Drag and Drop Email Builder

✓ Schedule Email Drip Campaigns

✓ Personalise with Merge Tags

✓ Build & Embed Lead Forms

✓ 360 Activity Tracking

✓ Customizable Database Fields

✓ Import Contacts Quickly & Easily

✓ Automatic Duplicate Removal

✓ Webhooks & API Integrations

✓ Detailed Analytics and Reports


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✓ Dedicated Account Manager

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